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About me

Bradford C. Auerbach has combined his 28 years of corporate business affairs training and experience with a client-friendly approach to legal counseling and service.

The result: his clients get the best of both worlds.

Bradford enjoys the fact that his clients view him as a confidant, whose counsel they seek regularly. His clients receive his personal attention and are not handed off to junior associates. Although Bradford is aggressive on behalf of his clients, he thrives on making profitable deals for all parties involved in the transaction.

What Our Clients Say

  • Responsiveness
  • Scrupulous honesty
  • Thorough substantive knowledge and expertise, coupled with a tight network of experts in related fields
  • A client-first attitude
  • Value: The advantage of working with Bradford is that you get an attorney who will roll up his sleeves and counsel you through all levels of your business affairs

Frequently Asked Questions

1What are the advantages of working with Bradford and who benefits from his services?

Companies needing a part-time General Counsel. Companies with recurring but less than full-time legal needs which seek a part-time outside General Counsel to personally handle a wide range of general business matters for a predetermined monthly retainer.

Young companies. New and start-up companies seeking affordable, efficient, experienced and highly-qualified legal and business development services.

Companies and individuals seeking cost-efficiency. Those who do not want to pay major law firms to overstaff and overcharge for matters that can be handled more cost-effectively by a small yet highly qualified law firm.

Companies and individuals seeking continuity. Those who are tired of being shunted around from lawyer to lawyer within a large firm, are tired of young associates learning on the client’s nickel, and are tired of being “assigned” to new lawyers that are an unknown quantity.

2What are the fees for Bradford's services?

You can find lawyers with rates lower or higher than Bradford.

He is certain, however, that the value and efficiency he provides to his clients support his reasonable fees. His fees reflect what clients are pleased to pay for the services of an attorney of his caliber.

Bradford C. Auerbach


Precision corporate quality with personalized attention.